Rostker v. Goldberg

453 U.S. 57 Supreme Court 1981
preventing women from serving in the militarywould beliethesignificant contributionsof female members of the Armed Forces, andmake clear that Congress' decision to exclude womenfrom servingisunwarranted andunconstitutional discrimination,thatfurtherssexual stereotypes about the 'proper place' of women and their need for special protection.

This case was brought by men challenging the Military Selective Service Act (MSSA), the law that gave the President power to draft males but not females, on the basis of gender discrimination.

The Supreme Court found no violation of the Due Process Clause because women were excluded from combat at the time, and so the draft would not serve the same purpose for women as it did for men. All restrictions barring women from combat were eliminated in 2015. In July of 2021, the Senate Armed Services Committee approved language in its annual defense policy bill  requiring women to register for the draft.

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